2024 Agenda


*All times are in CEST


Thu 19

6:30pm -8:00pm

Welcome reception


Fri 20

08:45am -09:00am

Introduction & Meeting Objectives
John Gribben

09:00am -10:30am

Session 1:  T-cell Leukemia/Lymphoma
Chairs: Laurence de Leval & Francine Foss

Overview Lecture: LGL Leukemia – current treatments and perspectives: Thierry Lamy

  • T-PLL: Advances and Perspectives: Philipp Staber
  • HTLV-1 ATLL: Contemporary Outcomes: TBC
  • Current and future treatment approaches in T-cell lymphoma: Francine Foss
  • AUTO4 (TRBC1 directed autologous CAR-T) in TRBC1-positive PTCL: Kate Cwynarski

Panel Discussion

10:30am -10:50am


10:50am -12:10pm

Session 2:  Evolving frontline immune-chemotherapy for MCL and the impact on survival outcomes
Chairs: Stephen Ansell & Elaine Jaffe

  • How do genetics and pathology of MCL guide treatment decisions? Rebecca King
  • Has frontline therapy for MCL changed from intensive chemo-based to targeted small molecule -based?: Georg Hess
  • Should frontline treatment for MCL be ‘chemo-free’ – where do cellular therapies fit in?: Michael Wang
  • Has maintenance therapy replaced ASCT in MCL?: Michael Williams
  • New strategies to manage relapsed MCL: Chan Cheah

Panel Discussion: Remaining gaps and perspectives

12:10pm -1:00pm

Session 3: Keynote address
Chair & Introduction: Carmelo Carlo-Stella

Modelling the crosstalk between malignant B cells and their microenvironment in B-cell lymphomas: challenges and opportunities: Karin Tarte

Panel Discussion

1:00pm -2:00pm


2:00pm -4.15pm

Session 4: Novel Therapies
Chairs: John Gribben & Laurie Sehn  

  • Novel drug development: an industry perspective: Simon Rule (Astra Zeneca)

Industry Panel Discussion


  • Polatuzumab vedotin: Laurie Sehn
  • Zilovertamab: Sven De Vos
  • Loncastuximab Tesirine: Paolo Caimi
  • Camidanlumab: Andrew Davies
  • Emerging ADCs with novel targets: Juan PabloAlderuccio
  • Brentuximab: Alex Herrera

Panel Discussion

4.15pm -4:35pm


4:35pm -5.50pm

Session 5: Debate
Chairs:  Catherine Bollard & Anna Sureda

“Should CD19 CAR-T cell treatment be selected by age and co-morbidity?”

Jason Westin (NO)

Jeremy Abramson (YES)

Panel Discussion

5.50pm -6:00pm

Day 1 wrap-up


Sat 21


Session 6: Expanding the CAR platform for NHL

Chairs: David Maloney & Frederick Locke  

  • Tis-a-cel: Emmanuel Bachy TBC
  • Axi-cel: Sattva Neelapu
  • Liso-cel: Jeremy Abramson
  • C-CAR066 & C-CAR039: John Gerecitano (Janssen)
  • CD20 CAR-T (MB-106): Mazyar Shadman
  • Rapcabtagene: TBC
  • Strategies to improve efficacy with commercial CD19 CAR-T cell treatment LaQuisa Hill

Panel Discussion (15 min)

  • CAR-T vs Auto HCT in first relapse. Is Auto HCT dead?: Jason Westin
  • Strategies to minimize toxicity of CAR-T cell treatment: Caron Jacobson
  • Allogeneic CAR-T cells: Is there a strategy moving forward?:  Frederick Locke
  • CAR-T for CLL.  Where do we stand? Who and when do we treat?: Tanya Siddiqi

Panel Discussion: CAR-T in the real-world setting


10:10am -10:30am


10:30am -11:00am

Session 7: Special Topic

Introduction: Riccardo Dalla-Favera

The germinal center in the pathogenesis of B cell lymphomas: Laura Pasqualucci

Panel Discussion

11:00am -12:50pm

Session 8: Novel Therapies part 2
Chairs:  Laurie Sehn & Alessandra Tedeschi

BTK Inhibitors:

  • Is there till a role for ibrutinib?: Alessandra Tedeschi
  • Zanubrutinib: Pier Luigi Zinzani
  • Acalabrutinib: Stephen Ansell
  • Pirtobrutinib: Michael Wang TBC

Panel Discussion

BTK Degraders:

  • NX-2127: Alexey Danilov
  • NX-5948: Kim Linton

BCL-2 inhibitors:

  • BGB-11417 (sonrotoclax): Alessandra Tedeschi
    Panel Discussion
12:50pm -1:50pm


1:50pm -3:00pm

Session 9: Bispecific antibodies for NHL
Chairs: Martin Hutchings & Marion Subklewe

CD3/CD20 bispecifics and their quest for ideal partners

  • Glofitamab: Martin Hutchings
  • Mosunetuzumab: TBC
  • Odronextamab: Stephen Ansell
  • Epcoritamab: Martin Hutchings
  • Plamotamab: Elizabeth Budde

Panel Discussion

3:00pm -3:20pm


3:20pm -4:20pm

Bispecific and trispecifics with other formats and targets
Chairs: TBC

  • Imvotamab: Armando López-Guillermo
  • TNB 486: Ranjit Nair
  • Other bi-and trispecific antibodies in early development: Marion Subklewe

Panel Discussion: Future directions  

4:20pm -4:30pm

Final Meeting Summary & Conclusions:
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